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Soul Wisdom Wellness Center for Transformation offers a modern, integrative approach to inner healing, personal transformation, holistic wellness, spiritual awakening and life path success utilizing leading-edge integrative healing arts modalities and innovative coaching modalities that offer deeply lasting results.

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I offer one on one sessions with me in person or via phone/video chat. Also customized personal retreats for individuals and groups in Sedona or at your location.

Greetings and Welcome. My name is Carrie Konyha and Im the founder of Soul Wisdom Wellness Center for transformation in Sedona, AZ. As a natural born extra-sensory person, Ive been on a path of spiritual exploration and development since i was a kid. My mother started teaching me astrology when i was 10 years old and I learned from other relatives even before then, how to use dowsing rods for detecting energy and how to use pendulums for divination but this wasn’t the beginning of my interest in spirituality. By the time i was 10 years old i had already accumulated years of experience with having psychic visions, feelings and knowings that would invariably come to pass and also with having other supernatural experiences such as spontaneous out of body experiences. <read more>

Like many people, i grew up in a wacky family dynamic which put me on a path of soul searching and healing as a young adult. Its been my own life’s journey in healing that has guided me to explore a vast array of holistic, integrative healing modalities which has now resulted in me gaining 4 decades of specialized training till now in many areas of spiritual practice, philosophies and teachings spanning topics ranging from spiritual growth, self realization, intuitive intelligence, energy healing, core shamanism, yoga, meditation and more.

Not only have a achieved a fabulous level of integrated wholeness thru applying these healing modalities to my own life,  I’ve gone on to have earned an associate degree in metaphysical arts and sciences, I’m recognized by the US Government as a nationally certified, authentic psychic and I’m a certified reiki practitioner, life coach, yoga teacher and Yoga Alliance continuing education provider but most of all, my life long passion has been in supporting and guiding others on their paths of soul healing, spiritual awakening and empowerment. As such, Ive been offering psychic insight, spiritual guidance, life path success coaching, yoga and integrative energy healing sessions to my clients for over 30 years now.

For the past 15 of my 30+ year career as a psychic reader and integrative healing/ shamanic practitioner, Ive been working with an international clientele from my home base here in Sedona, AZ where I offer a full spectrum of integrative healing sessions that support healing, spiritual awakening, mastery of awareness, expanded consciousness, Life purpose renewal and empowerment. I offer one on one sessions, mentoring and coaching programs,  customized retreats.  Many of my offerings are designed so that they can happen via video chat or phone from anywhere on earth! Please be my guest in browsing the site and contact me when you are ready to begin your journey to empowerment.

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